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FSB fluoroplastic chemical industrial centrifugal pump

FSB fluoroplastic chemical industrial centrifugal pump

Price : USD1890

Horizontal fluoroplastic acid transfer pump

FSB fluoroplastic centrifugal pump is a centrifugal pump designed by our company based on the technology of fluoroplastic pump valve. The flow components are all made of fluoroplastic alloy, and the pump body is all plastic(F46), cantilever type structure, unable to withstand the gravity of the pipeline. Compared with IHF series fluoroplastic liner pump, it is light weight and labor-saving for maintenance. FSB fluorine alloy centrifugal pump adopts outside mounted PTFE bellows mechanical seal, with multiple protection, prolong the service life of the machine to seal. For conveying medium with impurity particles, without cooling water single face hard in hard (to silicon carbide, silicon carbide) mechanical seal can be adopted, so users need to consider the model selection of the solid content in the medium.

FSB-L and FSB-D type centrifugal pump is with compact structure and Simple to operate and low cost. FSB-L pump and motor is connected through flexible shaft coupling.  FSB-D pump and motor is close coupling. The pump housing, impeller, machine seal and so on for the two types can be used interchangeably.

FSB fluoroplastic centrifugal pump is Suitable for transporting liquid in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, pickling, dyestuff, paint, smelting, papermaking, electroplating, food and other industries. The pump has strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, no aging, no toxin ,no decomposition and it can transport any concentration of acid, alkali, oxidant and other corrosive media.

  • Product Details
  • Brand :
  • Place of Origin : made in china
  • FOB Price : USD1890
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 1
  • Supply Ability :
  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Detail : plywood case for every pump
  • Delivery Detail : T/T in advance
    Delivery time: in 7 days
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