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Geogrids which are woven or knitted and heat-welded strips of polymer materials such as polypropylene, polyester, polyethene, and polyvinyl, are used to reinforce soils, retaining walls, road subbases roads and overlay asphalt. They perform the primary functions of stabilization and filtration with the aid of geotextile.


The use of geogrid could significantly reduce the construction costs when deployed in the soil of poor bearing capacity where the costlier conventional approach of removing the topsoil and replace it with a thick layer of aggregate to improve its strength could have been utilized.

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  • Place of Origin : Europe
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  • Packaging Detail : They come in bundles.
  • Delivery Detail : The delivery to customers is immediate from our Kaduna yard in Nigeria.
The geogrids come in varied tensile strength of the machine direction and cross-machine direction with values of 20/20Kn/m,  30/30Kn.m, and 40x40Kn/m.