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eMODULEX  Exhibition System

eMODULEX Exhibition System

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The eMODULEX Exhibition System by AHEE

In today’s fast-paced and surviving world, you can make the difference in your events and exhibitions with the power of less for more!

We can help you with our straightforward and hassle-free system, for less time and less cash outflow but with more advantages! Plus the privilege of contributing to the environment!

- Introducing a breakthrough in tradeshow design.

- Our eco-friendly, economical modular exhibit solution or simply called eMODULEX which features the use of efficiently

engineered frames that are easy to assemble and gives you more leeway for creativity, it’s easy as ABC!

- The flexible configurations allow you to change designs in every exhibit, compared to one-time use of traditional structures that

rely on the panel surface for its strength and also takes longer to build;

- eMODULEX relies on its frames allowing any kind of infill to be used.


Exclusive to AHEE, eMODULEX systems are open frames constructed with 65% recycled aluminum and are totally recyclable or reusable, which means you’re helping our environment.

Since eMODULEX systems are made of lightweight aluminum, the weight is 15% less than traditional panel systems, reducing your skyrocketing drayage costs.

There is a significant decrease on labor costs because the patented interlock system allows for quick assembly with less tooling, assembly in minutes and not hours.

The clever design of eMODULEX link points can be repositioned from 80 degrees to 180 degrees to your varying space.

Curve panels are available for a more captivating exhibit set up!

With qualities of a strong inbuilt system, you can infill each panel with any materials, from fabrics to simple and complicated graphics; to complex textiles and Plexiglas, even stones!

eMODULEX systems are universal and complies with international standards, making sure your event or exhibition will be phenomenal in any part of the globe.
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