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Key Block DBB Valves

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Double block and bleed valves are also known as DBB valves. This valve is a space-saving dual isolation solution that reduces the need for costly multi-valve systems. By combining all block and bleed components into a single unit, DBB valves minimize the risk of leak paths to atmosphere while providing significant weight savings. In many DBB valves, the isolation valve used is ball valve and the bleed connection is needle valve. Double block and bleed valves are integrally forged, one-piece assemblies used for the primary isolation of pressure take-off and process flow.A single DBB valve can isolate up or downstream, providing a large maintenance advantage over multi-valves. This compact design is ideal for instrument isolation, chemical injection, gauge isolation, oil and gas production, and direct or remote mounting of instruments. especially on floating platforms and storage vessels where space is a primary concern. Double block and bleed valves are highly flexible in design, and can be custom engineered to meet various lengths, heights, and connection sizes.APPLICATIONS :1. Sampling systems, where a pipeline probe is integral with our valve, Our DBB valves are used in critical applications, where cost, weight and space saving are paramount.2. Isolation Service, Level Measurement, Pressure instrument take-off points, Hydraulic power unit systems, Reduced vibrational stresses.3. Pressure Measurement, Our Double Block and Bleed Valves have allowed Oil, Gas and Petrochemical operators to ensure complete safety in complex operations.4. Flow Measurement,Chemical injection systems, where a check valve is part of our valve assembly.5. High pressure firesafe diverter valves, Drains for tanks and pipes, where space is restricted, Cost savings with exotic material designs are huge.
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SPECIFICATIONSTemperature Rating : -54°C to 232°C with PTFE packing Up to 426°C with optional Graphoil Packing.Pressure Rating : 6000 PSI (414 bar) at 100°F (38°C).