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vci paper roll supplier in uae

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supplying vci paper in uae & gcclaminated and without laminated paper also available we supplying vci paper roll in dubai / ajman / sharjah / alain / rasalkhaimah / abudhabiVCI Paper provides anti-corrosion protectionfor increased life of your tools, metalcomponents, machined parts and any itemthat is prone to oxidation.Protection: protects metals for up to 5 yearswhen properly packed and stored.Shelf Life: 2 years if stored at 85 degrees F(30 degrees C) or less and out of directsunlight in original packaging
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VCI paper is a versatilebarrier material that ensures 100% protection from water and moisturetransmission, besides protection from wear and tear caused during handling andtransport. This SVCI impregnated paper has been specially developed at  to offer ideal protection to semi-finished and finished ferrous, andnon-ferrous metals and alloys like aluminium, copper, brass, silver, etc .Madeup of LDPE film, HDPE woven fabric and SVCI impregnated paper, and boundtogether through a superior lamination process, vci paper has the ability tosubstitute all other bulky conventional material such as tar-coated paper, jutecloth and polythene covers.VCI paper is versatile enough to be used tofabricate covers and bags of any size or type (flap type covers, for instance,or as hood and bottom sheet types, mounted on base palette, for biggermachines).For users, VCI paperoffers unique advantages such as:·     Thorough longlasting protection: The effect of SVCI protects not onlythe surface, but also recessed areas and interior cavities of metals.Protection against rust lasts up to 24 months, to cover the longest periods oftransit and storage. This property also extends the shelf-life of yourproducts.·     Robust Action: Knowingthat it is not always possible to create a contact fit, Rustopaper has beendesigned to create a protective field. Even in exceptional situations where thetough SVCI paper is torn or punctured, the replenishing action of SVCI vapourscontinues to protect components against rust. Users of VCI paper can rely onuninterrupted protection right through rounds of inspection at ports, wherepacks may actually be opened.·     Cost Saving: Sincethis innovative material substitutes multiple conventional packaging materials,the cost of wooden crate material can be reduced, especially when machines areto be loaded in containers at the factory, and during point-to-pointtransportation.·     Internationalstandards of protection: VCIpaper conforms to IS – 6263and other international specifications.Easy to use, easy onthe environment:This non-polluting material does not leave a film on metalcomponents. Moreover, it is designed for disposal in an environmentallyacceptable manner