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Lab Equipment for MicroBiological and Chemicals Water Testing equip, for Mineral Wter Bottling and Drinking and Food Processing factories ,

Price : On Request

member  of  AQUALINK DESAL GROUP-U.S.A. since 1990  OPERATING
appointed  Eng`r. Khalid as the Chief  Technical Director 
Operation  for  Middles  East  &  ( MEnA )
African  region.

@  On  behalf of AQUALINK DESAL GROUP ( CEO ) Eng`r. Khalid is a
successful and highly Professional  Engineer  since +36 years
practical experience and Consultants of desalination, bottling water
factories  &  Industrial Waste Water Treatment along-with
domestic with Solar power. A strong leadership motivating team to deliver
effective solutions On behalf of  AQUALINK Desalination has done many
Desalination  &  Mineral water bottling factories on 
turnkey projects in Europe / UAE / Middle  East, Africa  in 
Sudan, Tanzania  &  Kenya.

@ His role also to maintain of Tender D/Os 
related to projects.Aqualink Desalination is a global leader in water treatment
with advance and latest  technologies.

@  AQUALINK Desalination signed for many Projects and ( AMC ) for
preventive & corrective maintenance of  RO Desalination Plants and
Swimming pools water , Cooling & Chiller by the systems  equip,
according  to  W.H.O and Authorities municipality Parameters

@  AQUALINK Awarded project RO Desalination Plants  to  H.H. SHK AMMAR BIN HUMAID AL
NUAIMI Vice Ruler of Ajman -UAE. Aqualink  desalination already commissioned many
RO.Desalination Plants awarded  to Aqualink by  ( Their Town
Planning  &  Designing company, Ajman UAE )

@ AQUALINK  Desalination  commissioned  / Installed  Water bottling factory 
in  UMQ - UAE  Production: 5,500 BPH  sizes:330ml, 500ml
&1500ml with self making bottles blow machine,filling & labeling all
linked connected conveyor each machine full Automation -PLC.

@  AQUALINK Desalination  Commissioned RO Desalination Plant with (
20Liter ) Mineral water bottling factory in Sudan-Khartoum, The Owner-big  Investor 
BIN KHALID  AL QASIMI Sharjah -UAE  Production:900 BPH the biggest
water bottling factory in AFRICA. source feeding from RIVER Neil water
to Pure mineral Water Produce.
AQUALINK  has  Perfect  Technical  Team  with 
Expertise  of  Water Treatment , Purification , any kind 
of  feed  Water  to  make  pure water  by 
their  latest technologies , and  Waste Water  for recycling ,,

                                            MADE  IN  U.S.A .

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AQUALINK desalination  equip, U.S.A -  based  Company  ,  Operating  in  UAE  and  for  Africa  as  BRANCH  and  main distributor  for  Middles East  and  for  Entire  African countries , Product  range  Domestic  , Commercial&