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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning In Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for Carpet Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi? We offer you the best cleaning services in town! Quick Maid Cleaning Company provide a full range of carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Abu Dhabi at affordable rate. Our protected procedure dries in a few hours, leaving your carpet delicate and fleecy with zero deposits. Our experienced cleaner specialize in deep cleaning your carpets, upholstery and rugs, leaving them looking great and germ free.Regardless of whether it's your home or office Carpet, we ensure that your carpets are cleaned to your satisfaction.Why Choose US for Carpet Cleaning Service in Abu Dhabi?Mechanized and professional equipment is usedOn-time service completionProtection against DamagesExpert CleanerBackground verified cleaning professionalsSuperior Cleaning Services
Supplier : Quick Maid Cleaning Service ABU DHABI
Posted On :3 months ago

Polyurethane Systems for Sandwich Panels

Polyurethane SystemsWe are group of companies involved potentially in diversified business traits.     GECO Ind. Packing LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of rigid polyurethane systems in UAE.   We have well-equipped manufacturing facility & laboratory which ensure efficient production, R&D & QC of our products.   Our product performance meets domestically leading standards & win high reputation in the export market.    Our product categories are:   ·         Construction Industry: (1) Continuous Line Sandwich Panel System (2) Discontinuous Line Sandwich Panel System (3) Spray System for insulation & waterproofing (4) Rockwool Glue System (5) Block System.   ·         Appliances: (6) Refrigerators System (7) Boiler/Heater System   ·         HVAC Industry: (8) Duct System    
Supplier : Geco Industrial Packing SHARJAH
Posted On :7 months ago


Fabricon International  is the premier Acrylic Supplier and Fabrication company in the UAE  with operations in Dubai, Sharjah ,Ajman, Abu Dhabi , Ras Al khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain and Umm Al Quwain. Acrylic is a polymer created with carbon molecules and is the most preferred choice as it resembles glass with superior features and have a transparency rate of 93% making it the clearest material known .. Acrylic is stronger than glass and has all the qualities like transparency ,clarity ,scratch resistant, anti-fogging, anti-glare and can be manufactured in any color desired ,and can be tinted, colored, mirrored or opaque finished. Acrylic is easier to work with than glass ,as it can be drilled or sawed off and weighs almost half. Acrylic has a clear tint no matter how thick the sheet is,as opposed to glass which has a green tint when it is thick. Various items can be fabricated from acrylic namely  Signages, Shades, Skylights, Windows, Partitions, Showcases, Display Stands, Furniture, Sculptures, Wall hangings, POS Displays, Gifts, Stationary, Suggestion Boxes, Raffle Boxes, Kitchen cabinets etc.  CHARACTERISTICS Weather ResistantAcrylic plastic can be used all weather condition as it is resistant against temperature and humidity changes TransparencyAcrylic plastic is extremely transparent and transmits 92 percent of white light. This is equal to the transparency of the finest optical glass. Impact ResistantAcrylic sheets can withstand impacts upto 20 times than that of glass. Plexiglas when shattered , breaks into relatively dull pieces compared to the sharp shards  in case of glass.Acrylic plastic is combustible and will self-ignite at approximately 860 degrees Fahrenheit. It will burn with an open flame at about 560 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a non-conductor of heat and electric current. Acrylic transparent barriers are used in zoo enclosures as it gives the visitors a clear view of the animals without compromising their safety.  Curators of Zoos and wildlife parks particularly value Hydro sight Transparent Barriers because of their enormous break resistance, while Hydro sight Transparent Barriers maintain a perfectly clear view. We undertake all kinds of customized acrylic fabrication jobs related to acrylic and polycarbonate. We provides innovative products, services and solutions for the acrylic fabrication Industry all over the UAE. We design and provide various acrylic products, such as  §  Acrylic Furniture, §  Kiosk Shelves,§  Display Stands, and§  Show Racks for Jewellery Shops,§  Mobile Phone Stands,§  Acrylic Boxes,§  Acrylic Trays,§  Acrylic Machine Covers,§  Donation Box, Tissue Box,§  Acrylic Table, Bar Counter,§  Acrylic Podium,§  Acrylic Shelf,§  Acrylic Cupboard,§  IPad Stand,§  Acrylic Laptop Stand,§  Acrylic Dome,§  Acrylic 3D Letters§  Price Stands,§  Photo Frames,§  Calendars§  Acrylic Panels§  Lighting Panels§  Acrylic Handrail§  Acrylic Rod§  Acrylic Tubes§  Acrylic sandwich panels§  Acrylic Card holder§  Acrylic kitchen Cabinets§  and other related products for commercial and industrial purposes. §  Advertising & signage §  Skylights, roof lights & domes §  Illuminated features & dance floors §  Interior displays§  Point of Sale Displays §  Safety Glazing §  Automotive accessories §  Architectural displays§  Canopies, arches & barrel vaults §  Shower screens & bath enclosures §  Furniture & accessories§  Sculptural & themed structures §  Gifts & stationery §  Desktops, wall hangings & mementoes §  Aquarium equipment§  Picture frames §  Kitchen cabins §  Shop fittings §  Custom acrylic products §  Custom made acrylic boxes §  Customized acrylic signages §  Custom made acrylic designs §  Customised acrylic stands 
Supplier : Fabricon International DUBAI
Posted On :8 months ago

Swivel Type Oil Filter Wrench supplier in Qatar

215-1566: Capacity: 2-3/8" ~3" (60mm~76mm).215-1567: Capacity: 2-7/8" ~3-3/8" (73mm~85mm).215-1568: Capacity: 3-3/8" ~3-7/8" (85mm~99mm).215-1569: Capacity: 3-3/4" ~4-3/8" (95mm~111mm).90º swivel to access filters in confined areas.Blackened wide band resist corrosion and prevents the filter from being crushed.
Supplier : Aerodynamic Trading Contracting & Services , Qatar / Tele : 33190803 / DOHA
Posted On :2 years ago

Movable Partition Wall

HMI Operable Wall Partitions are used to divide Meeting rooms, Conference rooms, Restaurants & Banquet halls etc.Available in different option of finishes like Fabric, Melamine, Natural Wood, Combination of Fabric and Melamine Laminate or Unfinished with MDF or Plywood so that the client can decorate themselves to match the concept of interiors. 
Supplier : HMI Building Material Trading DUBAI
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Posted On :3 years ago

Carpet Cleaning Machines Supplier In Uae

Daitona General Trading L.L.C. is one of the UAE’s leading general cleaning items and janitorial equipment supply companies. Ahmadaly Fazal, Managing Director and CEO, traces the company’s journey over the years.For any specialized professional organization, quality, training, service and competitiveness are a sure recipe for success - more so in an economy like Dubai. Daitona General Trading L.L.C. was set up in Dubai by Ahmadaly Fazal, the Managing Director and CEO, just before the Gulf War in 1991. He was following in the footsteps of his father, Late Habib Fazal who had sold his 2-year old cleaning items business in 1984 to migrate to Canada.In 2010, Ahmadaly Fazal was joined by his uncle and now Partner, Nizar Karmali, who is well-known in the institutional business. Today, Daitona General Trading L.L.C. employs 20 people who regularly undergo training in different subjects to keep them abreast with the industry. With his training background in a leading international organization, Karmali spends some of his time preparing course materials for training the Daitona team.Stocks, logistics and showroom: With all orders being required by ‘yesterday’, having ample stocks is crucial for offering prompt deliveries. Daitona carries a large inventory in its four warehouses in Sharjah and one in Dubai.More vehicles have been added to cope with the business growth and demands of the customers. With three pickup trucks and one van, the company smoothly handles all deliveries within UAE. Daitona took its first warehouse in Al Khabaisi area, Deira. The office was also within the warehouse. A year later, a display area was dedicated within the warehouse office. With the growth of the company in 2004 to 2006, Daitona acquired a full-fledged showroom cum office in Abu Hail, Deira. This was the first of its kind in the UAE, then. Today, Daitona is a one stop shop for all the cleaning and janitorial needs of its customers.The future: The aim of Daitona General Trading L.L.C. is to continue being a leading supplier of quality and durable cleaning and janitorial equipment and accessories with focus on customer service.From a company starting off with air fresheners to one that sells all possible quality cleaning products (with the exception of heavy machines), Daitona General Trading L.L.C. has certainly come a long way.The brands Daitona represent are: Hygiene System, Vita, IPC Italy, IPC Ready System Italy, IPC Pulex Italy, Mr. Brush, KSI, Coronet, Aricasa, Houg Bursten,Celtex, Papernet, AZ Hygiene, Scentpur, Nu Fresh, Fragmatic, HS Chemicals, Cavallo, Baiyun Cleaning, Roots, etc...Under the above-mentioned brands we have the following products…Household Cleaning Products, House Keeping Cleaning Products, Cleaning Machines and equipment, Hotel Supplies, Hygiene Systems Cleaning Products, Daitona Cleaning Products, IPC Cleaning Products, Pulex Cleaning Products, Vita Cleaning Products, Mr. Brush Cleaning Products, Roots Scrubbing Machines, Scrubber Dryers, Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers,Roots Ride On Machine, Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Celtex Tissue Paper Products, Papernet Tissue Paper Products, Coronet Cleaning Products, Kach Sheng Cleaning Products, Baiyun Cleaning Products, Cavallo Cleaning Products, AZ Hygiene Product, Cleaning Equipment, Aricasa Cleaning Products, Scentpur Products, General Cleaning Products, Floor Cleaning Products, Window Cleaning Products, Janitorial equipment, Wash Room Cleaning Products, Kitchen Cleaning Products, Medical Rolls, Hand Towel Rolls, Center Feed Rolls, Maxi Rolls, Toilet Tissue Rolls, Jumbo Rolls, Toilet Rolls, C-fold Paper, V-Fold Paper, Z-Fold Paper, Inter fold, Toilet Tissue Paper, Soft Brooms and Brushes, Hard Brooms and Brushes, Street Brooms,Coco Brooms, Dustpan Sets and Brushes, Vita Mops And Wipers, Floor Squeegees, Window Squeegees, Window Applicators, Aluminum handles, Mop Handles, Metal Handles, Mop Clips, Kentucky Mops, Dustpan and Brooms, Dust Bins, Steel Bins, Plastics Bins, Sanibins, Dry Mops, Wet Mops, Round Mops, Metal Clip Mops, Plastics Clip Mop, Door Mats, Urinal Blocks, Channel Blocks, Hand Soap Liquid, Antibacterial Hand Soap Liquid, Antiseptic Liquid, Foam Soap, All Purpose Cleaner, Pine Disinfectant, Antiseptic Disinfectant, Bleach Liquid, Glass Cleaning Liquid, Dishwashing Liquid, Rubber Gloves, Automatic Hand Dryers, Microfiber Mops, Microfiber Cloths, Housekeeping Trolleys, Janitorial Trolleys, Single Mop Buckets Trolleys, Double Mop Buckets, Mop Wringers, Litter Picker, Kitchen Towels, Paper Dispensers, Multi Fold Dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Aerosol Fragrance Dispensers, Aerosol Fragrance, Stainless Steel Bins, Plastic Garbage Bins, Waste Bins, HS Chemicals Products, Wet Floor Sign Board, Floor Scrubbing Pads, Automatic Aerosol Dispensers, Auto Soap Dispensers, Auto Foam Dispensers, Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, JRT Dispensers, Sponge Combo, Steel Wool, Scrubbing Pad, PP Duster, etc.....Tel-04-297-7972 &
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ADEX INTERNATIONAL LLC is the premier supplier in the Timber Industry in the UAE with operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Alain  offering a broad range of premium quality wood products like Hardwood, Marine Plywood, MDF, Plywood ,Whitewood . Adex International is one of the major importer and supplier of Timber, Ply wood and MDF Board. Variety of types, sizes and dimensions of wooden products are available and a healthy stock is always maintained to meet any demand of the customers. Durability, variety, reliability, and expertise are guaranteed as we use only the best raw materials thus making Adex a brand name in the MENA [MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA]region . We strongly believe that with the right business ethics and quality products we can ensure customer satisfaction and thus fulfilling the vision we have for our company.   Hard Wood       Ash Wood, Cherry Wood, Soft and Hard Maple Wood, Red and  white Oak and Walnut Wood.      Mahogany, Iroko, Dabema, Bilinga, Wenge, Okume and many more      Burma Teak Wood, Round Logs, Burma Teak Square Logs, Burma Teak Cut Sizes, Malaysian Red Merant       MDF Board – Plain MDF, Mlamine MDF and Veneer MDF Boards in all thickness   Plain MDF Board Boards: 3mm, 4mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm   Standard size : 4’ x 8’ x 18mm Also Available : 6’ x 8’ x 12mm/18mm sizes   Melamine MDF Boards: Available colours Both sides White, Beech, Mahogany, Oak, Teak, Cherry, Black, Grey, Walnut  and also available matching backing MDF 3mm.   Moisture resistant MDF boards: Available sizes 4’ x 8’ x 12mm/18mm.   Veneered MDF Boards: Beech, oak, Cherry, Walnut, Teak & many more… Both Sides: Size available 4’ x 8’ x 18mm, also available matching backing MDF 3mm.  Beech Wood and White Wood       Plywood   Commercial Plywood, Film Faced Plywood WBP Plywood and Veneer Plywood     Commercial Plywood   Standard size: 4’ x 8’ Thickness : 3.6mm, 5.2mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm. Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia, china.   WBP Plywood   Standard size: 4’ x 8’ Thickness : 3.6mm, 5.2mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia China.   Film Faced Plywood   Standard Size: 4’ x 8’ Thickness: 12mm, 18mm Origin: Indonesia & China.     White wood Romanian, Brazilian and Chillian white wood.   Available sizes: 1”x2”/1” x 4”/2” x 2”/2” x 3”/2” x 4”/2” x 6”/2” x 8”/2” x 10”/2” x 12”                                 3” x 3”/3” x 4”/3” x 6”/4” x 4”/4” x 6”/4”x8”/4” x 12”/6” x 6” Note: Length of all the above sizes is 4 meter.       WOOD SUPPLIERS IN UAE WOOD SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI PLYWOOD SUPPLIER UAE PLYWOOD SUPPLIER DUBAI WHITE WOOD SUPPLIERS UAE WHITE WOOD SUPPLIER DUBAI MDF SUPPLIER UAE MDF SUPPLIERS DUBAI   WOOD EXPORTERS UAE PLYWOOD EXPORTERS IN DUBAI MDF EXPORTER UAE WHITEWOOD EXPORTER UAE WOOD WHOLESALE UAE PLYWOOD WHOLESALER UAE MDF WHOLESALER UAE MARINE PLYWOOD SUPPLIER UAE MARINE PLYWOOD SUPPLIER DUBAI MARINE PLYWOOD WHOLESALE UAE ASH WOOD SUPPLIER IN UAE MDF BOARD SUPPLIER UAE      
Supplier : ADEX DUBAI
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SS Corner guards

SS corner guards Brush, Mirror, Antique bronze, Brass ,Gold etc available1 mm , 1.2 mm , 1.5 mm , 2 mm and 3 mm available.size : 25 x 25 mm         50 x 50 mm         75  x 75 mm         100 x 100 mmheight as per customer spec
Supplier : Euro Steel and Aluminium LLC Umm Al Quwain
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Binocular Microscope in Dubai

Contact 0097142555202 or 00971503645629 or email us at for further details.Made in Italy. Binocular Microscope in UAE.Objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X. With MICROM. EYEPIECE WF10X/18MM (with Graticule)
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Anti smoke Spray for rooms anti smoke 042222641

Anti Smoke Spray, Anti Smoke Spray, Anti Smoke
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Supplier : Doors & Shade Systems AJMAN
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